Captain John Currie

John has a long history with Tobermory, his family settling on the Bruce Peninsula four generations ago.    Growing up,   John spent his summers fishing in the waters around Tobermory and continued the tradition of exploring the waters, with his own family.  All his life, he has spent countless hours “messing around in boats”.   John now lives here year round and for the last 10 years John has captained boats for Divers Den.

Captain John’s first priority is the safety of his passengers to and from their destination on any of the Den’s boats and beneath the water.  To enhance the experience and enjoyment of his passengers he relishes in sharing the stories of each site:  the boat, its crew and the weather (which is always a factor in boating in the waters around Tobermory). John’s goal is that each diver and snorkeler will always remember their time in Tobermory and want to return for more. 

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