Q: This is my first time diving in Fathom Five National Marine Park and I understand that I need a park pass – how do I do this?

A: Divers Den can issue both the day passes (4.90) and annual passes (19.60). All divers must get their own passes in person at the shop or at the Parks Canada Visitor's Centre. *** BE ADVISED:  The Canada 150 Discovery Pass that permits free access to Canada's National Parks for 2017 does NOT cover the user fee of the Dive Tag.***

Q: I am a certified diver, what do I need to bring?

A: Please bring your Certification Card(s) & Logbook.

Q: I have my Certification card but I can’t find my Logbook – now what?

A: Logbooks are always a good idea but if yours has been misplaced, diving the shallow dives (less than 20M or 60’) will be OK. We do need to see logbooks if you want to do the deeper sites ie: Arabia or Forest City.

Q: I am a certified diver but have not been in the water for a few years. Can I still go diving?

A: If you have not been in the water for 2 or more years, it is recommended that you take a Re-Activate course. We can schedule a 4 hour course for you …just call the shop to book…for pricing please see our price list.

Q: I am a certified diver but have misplaced my Certification Card …..can I still dive or rent equipment?

A: Most certification agencies (PADI, NAUI, ACUC etc) allow us to look up your certification number either online OR by phone. Divers Den is happy to provide this service for you, however we would prefer that you call ahead to ensure that you are not disappointed as some certification agencies do not operate on weekends.

Q: I don’t have a buddy. Can I still go diving?

A: Yes. Diving on one of our boats guarantees that you will buddied up with another diver or divers.

Q: We have been diving on boat dives in the Caribbean and always had a Divemaster with us. Do you have divemaster lead dives?

A: YES! In 2017 we will be putting divemasters out on our afternoon open water dive charters. If you feel you would like the assistance of the Divemaster please let us know either when you check in or notify the captain and/or Divemaster on your charter. You are not required to follow the Divemaster on your dive if you opt not to be assigned to the Divemaster's care. This is not an industry standard for cold water diving as fresh water shipwreck diving is done a little differently. Your boat ties up to a mooring ball. The mooring ball has a line that is attached to a block on the bottom right beside the shipwreck. Your captain will provide you with a detailed site briefing, pointing out the areas of special interest and suggesting a route for your ‘self guided’ tour of the wreck. 

Q: I booked a dive charter. How long will I be out for?

A: Our boat excursions usually take about 4 hours. The morning boat departs at 9:00am and returns at 1:00pm. The afternoon boat departs at 1:30pm and returns at 5:30pm. Both morning and afternoon charters take you to two dive sites.

Q: Is there anything that I should know about shore diving?

A: Park personnel patrol the shore sites and will check that you have a Park Pass and a Dive flag. Our Dive shop staff are all divers and can give you maps/directions & rent you a flag if you don’t have one.

Q: I have never been diving in cold water – how different can it be?

A: The exposure protection necessary in our colder water involves a 2 piece 7 mill wet suit with hood boots , gloves and a lot more weight than you are used to carrying. Even if you are a very experienced warm water diver, for your safety, we recommend that you do one of our shallower afternoon trips or a shore dive prior to attempting any of our more challenging sites.

Q: I am not a certified diver. Can I still go diving?

A: Yes! You have 2 options:
You can join us for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course. This course takes about 4 hours & will teach you the basics and allow you to dive on a real shipwreck with an instructor at your side. This course is intended to allow you to try a scuba experience, it is not a certification or license to scuba dive.
All equipment, instruction and a participation card is included in the cost. Classes are held at either 9am or at 2pm 7 days a week (schedule permitting). Please call ahead to book your experience.
You can take a Full PADI Open Water Certification Course. This course requires some home study along with up to three full days of diving in Tobermory. Please refer to our calendar for scheduled courses or email or call the shop to inquire about other time frames.

Q: What is the minimum age for participation in a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course?

A: Minimum age is 10 years old.

Q: I am a certified diver but my partner and our 2 children are not. Is there a way that I can dive and they can snorkel?

A: Yes – Every afternoon we offer a boat trip to sites that are perfect for both snorkeling or for doing a shallow wreck dive. This is a popular trip for families or groups who want to stay on the same boat but would like to do different activities. We ensure that all snorkelers are equipped with wetsuits as well as mask, fins & snorkels. Our suits start at Toddler size 2 and go up to Mens 5XL. Your captain will give instruction and will ensure that a good time is had by all!!

Q: Do you offer snorkel trips?

A: Yes we offer several snorkel trips daily. Trip pricing includes mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit. During cooler water times, we also include gloves, boots and a hood at no additional charge. Note that we have discounted family rates.

Q: I have never tried snorkeling, do I need lessons?

A: Our staff will fit you with your gear and give you a demonstration on snorkeling technique, our boat crew will help you into the water and ensure that you feel comfortable, have fun and enjoy this amazing adventure.

Q: Do I need a Park Pass to go snorkeling?

A: No, you only need a Park Pass is you are scuba diving.

Q: Can I rent snorkel equipment?

A: Yes you can – see price list for pricing …Note you ALWAYS need a wetsuit in Georgian Bay!

Q: I would love to see the shipwrecks of Tobermory but I’m not very comfortable with diving- do you have other tours to the wrecks?

A: Yes we do – have you ever tried snorkeling? We fit you in a cozy wetsuit , supply you with snorkel gear and take you by boat past some of the most amazing scenery in the country to the site of a real shipwreck. It’s the trip of a lifetime, fun for all ages we have wetsuits available from toddler sizes to 2 to Mens 5XL….we even give discounts to families or to parties of 4 or more.

Q: Do I have to be a strong swimmer to go snorkeling?

A: You don’t have to be a strong swimmer, but you should be comfortable in the water. Our wetsuits will not only keep you warm; they will also keep you floating…. if you need a little more assurance, our snorkel crew will be in the water with you so don't hesitate to ask for their guidance.

Q: I took a 2 day course and ended up with a Scuba Diver card can I go diving?

A: All divers are required to have at least an Open Water Certification Card in order to dive on Divers Den boats or to Rent Equipment. If you have a Scuba Diver Card you are required to dive with a Dive Professional (Dive Master or higher).

Q: I am a certified diver but I don’t have any equipment what does it cost to rent?

A: You can rent full scuba equipment for 3 hours ( $70 ), a full day ( $90 ) or week end ($135). If you just want to rent while you are on one of our charters it is an extra $60 on top of the charter cost and includes 2 tanks.

Q: Where do I park my car?

A: If you are arriving with your own gear, short term parking is available to allow loading/unloading at the boats. We have a couple of spots in front of the shop that are reserved for tank/equipment drop off and pick up. The municipality provides paid public parking within walking distance of the shop.

Q: My boat trip leaves at 1:30….when should I check in at the shop

A: If you are renting gear please be at the shop a minimum of 1 hour before departure. If you have your own gear, please check in a min. of 45 minutes before departure.

Q: It’s raining. Are your boats still going out?

A: Absolutely! You're going to be under water anyways. There aren't too many activities that happen rain or shine. We don't let a little bit of rain get in our way!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: All booking are held with a credit card number (just held on file). A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required for cancellations. Failure to provide notice will result in the 50% deposit of your booking being retained.

Q: Do you rent Drysuits?

A: We rent 2 piece 7mm suits which are quite adequate for our June-October season. If you need to rent a drysuit you can contact Simcoe Diving in Barrie or Tri-City Scuba Centre in Kitchener.

Q: Is anything supplied on the boat?

A: We supply cookies and bulk water, bring a reusable water bottle to fill it up!

Q: I am coming on a snorkel tour – what do I need to bring?

A: wear a bathing suit under your clothes & bring a towel, perhaps a snack, waterproof camera if you have one.

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